10 Most Breathtaking Highways Of The World

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Travelling is a relief to the soul! There is nothing as exciting and soothing as travelling on a weekend offs and spending some quality time with your mates. Often when accompanied by soul mates, the journey becomes more exciting and awesome. So how would you like to travel in a car, with breathtaking scenery on both the sides and a long, never ending stretch of road? The journey sounds so mind blowing that there is no need of a great travel destination! You may simply pack your backpack, get in your car and set off on the road!

Many roads in the world are a charm in themselves and have attracted thousands of travel freaks since ages! Their mesmerizing beauty and the adventure is truly a thing that every tourist would remember his life and cherish! So here are 10 of the most breathtaking highways in the world that are a must visit if you are a die-hard travel lover!

10. Atlantic Ocean Road- Norway


The Atlantic Ocean road, built by a group of islands, connecting one quaint village to another, is surely something that would take your breath off! This small stretch of County Road 64 in the city of Norway is a mind blowing scenic piece of architecture that is modern and can leave you awestruck with its beauty! The road, with amazing landscapes surrounding, offers a great site for all the travel lovers across the world and has also widely been used for shooting commercials and movies. While driving on the road, you can also wait to have a glimpse of the ocean life that includes whales and seals.

9. Hana highway- Maui


The Hana highway in Maui, Hawaii is yet another breathtaking highway for all the drivers and travelers across the world. This long stretch of road that is over 84 kilometers takes you through a lush green tropical rainforest, the beauty of which can give you the most memorable experience of travelling. Although the beautiful highway is among the world’s most amazing highways in the world to visit, it is also a harrowing drive as the roads the narrow and tricky. In fact, the long stretch includes more than 600 curves, 59 bridges (some of which are a single lane) and also ancient bridges that are over 100 years old.

8. Rohtang Pass- India


The Rohtang pass in India is something that can give you goose bumps on the hands with its breathtaking scenery, view of mountain peaks, rivers and glaciers and unbelievably beautiful landscapes. The highway is open from May to November and is one of the most exciting drives for every travel freak in the world. In case you are lucky enough to not face a landslide, unfavorable weather or traffic, this highway can give you a lifetime experience of driving on an incredibly risky yet amazing road. Today, the road is one of the busiest routes in a summer season since it is flooded with numerous tourists and is also used by military vehicles and trucks.

7. Col de I’Iseran- France


Col de I’Iseran is the highest paved road in the Alps. This stretch of road is absolutely spectacular with its waterfalls, scenic areas, galleries and tunnels. The road is accessible only during the summers and is the one that connects two valleys. It is surely a road that every driver must experience in his life to enjoy the amazing scenery and spend a great, soothing time.

6. National Route 40 or Ruta 40- Argentina


National Route 40 or the Ruta 40 is among the largest highways in the world and can be a dream come true for a travel lover. A large stretch of road that it is, it passes through a dozen of rivers and mountain passes and also crosses 20 national parks. The road is loved by tourists across the world for its incredible scenic beauty. Stretched long, the road really looks never ending and can make you fall in love with your journey!

5. US 1 from Key Largo to Key West- Florida


The US 1 highway is one of the most scenic and idyllic highways in the world that can surely make you want your journey to never come to its destination! This amazingly beautiful and captivating stretch of road is a north-south highway that runs from Maine all the way to Florida. The journey can give you the most beautiful sight of blue waters as the road passes through warm waters, islands and coral reefs. In fact, the stunning beauty of the blue waters also sometimes gives you the feel that you are literally driving on the water itself! So how about trying out this one this weekend?

4. Trollstigen Road- Norway


Have you ever experienced driving on a troll ladder with crazy turns and a waterfall on the top? If that sounds adventurous to you, the Trollstigen road in Norway is a perfect drive for you to experience at least once in life! This beautiful road that is a popular tourist attraction is known for its flawless beauty, its crazy hairpin turns and amazing landscapes. In fact, the translation of the road’s name literally means troll ladder that can give you an inexpressible joy of driving and travelling! The road also has a car park at the top for overlooking the beauty of the road.

3. The Cabot Trail- Nova Scotia, Canada


Although Canada has many scenic places to visit for tourists, the Cabot Trail is an unforgettable stretch of road to drive on! Located in Nova Scotia, the highway was particularly built to attract tourists and has ever since been one of the greatest places for travel freaks to visit and experience the beauty of nature! The highway passes through the amazing places of Cape Breton Highlands National Park and also through that rugged coastline that makes your journey unforgettable.

2. The Milford Road (State Highway94)- New Zealand


The Milford Road in New Zealand, a road that crosses the main divide of the Southern Alps, is one of the most scenic and beautiful drives for tourists in New Zealand. The highway is one of the highest in the country in terms of elevation and is also considered one of the most dangerous pubic roads. The road can give you the ultimate pleasure of driving with the amazing views at the sides and make your journey unforgettable for a lifetime!

1. The Blue Ridge Parkway- Appalachia


Experience the most scenic drive of your life with spectacular mountain scenery at the sides, rivers, creeks and amazing limestone caves! The Blue Ridge Parkway is a 469 miles highway in the United States that passes through Virginia and North Carolina along the Blue Ridge. The highway offers stunning and colorful view and is visited on a large scale by tourists under the National Park system in the United States.

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