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How To Start Your Internet Business In 3 Easy Step

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How To Start An Affiliate Website

Affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is the best job in the world. You can pick one of your favorite topics that you enjoy a hobby, a skill, a job, an opportunity, anything really, and chances are somebody is making money online writing about it. The number one roadblock you’ll face is the seemingly daunting task of getting started. 

But I’m about to show you how easy it is to start your own affiliate marketing website or blog without having any technical skills or coding experience.In fact, you can get started today. As in right NOW. Below I have put together for you a step-by-step tutorial in ridiculous detail (including screenshots) on how to get your new website online in minutes.

How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Blog:

Three Simple Steps:

  1. Get Your Own Domain Name And Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Start Making It Your Own



Step #1) Getting Your Own Domain And Hosting Account:

Click here: Bluehost to get to the new customer discount page and then click on the big green button seen below. (This will open Bluehost in a new tab so you can click back on this tab to continue the step-by-step instructions):


Next, you’ll land on a page with your plan selections. Since you’re just starting out I recommend the Starter plan since it the cheapest and you can always upgrade later. Your Starter plan will include everything you need to get started:

  1. Hosting
  2. Domain Name
  3. Email Account For Your New Site

Please note the starter plan is usually billed annually but it will also save you some money instead of paying monthly.


Once you hit the green Select button you’ll end up on the domain name page. This is where the fun begins!  Choose a good, short, easy-to-spell, and relevant domain name for your business. Keep in mind that the best .com names are long gone so get creative or use a .net if you need to. If you need some help please take a few minutes to read this article I wrote on the topic: domain name tips.

Oh, and if you already have a domain registered elsewhere, you can have the domain transferred to Bluehost for free and receive an additional year of registration added on to the end of your current term. Cool!


If the domain name you choose is already taken, you’ll be instructed to choose a different one.

After you select your domain name and hit the NEXT button you’ll go to the account info page here:


You’ll have some optional services to select from but you don’t have to choose these now:


Pay for your selected package and you are all done with Step 1.


Step #2) Installing WordPress

Now that your account is all set up it’s time to install your WordPress application in your hosting account.  Wordpress is a simple website builder that will enable you to easily build your site without any technical knowledge or coding experience.

Go back to the bluehost.com home screen and click on the Log In button on the top right of the screen. On the next page login to your account using the Hosting Login button. You’ll get to the following screen (below). There are a ton of options on this page but don’t worry about all of that at this point. Keep it simple. Just click on the Install WordPress button image:


Next, click on the green Install button shown below.


The final screen will ask you which domain name you would like to use for the install (in case you have more than one domain name at this point).


Next just click the Install Now button:


You’re done!

Next, check your email and you’ll have your login info you’ll need to hop onto your new site:


OK, so now let’s login to your new site. Go to the Admin URL (shown above) and login using your Username and Password.

Your wordpress login screen will look like this:


Thats it! Now its time for the final step and where it gets really fun. Creating your website and making it yours.

Step #3) Start Building Your New Website:

I have loaded a video on how to install different WordPress themes and how to start building your website below. There are 19 total videos that will load back to back without you having to do anything but watch. So have at it. Have fun. And let’s make some money together! Please make sure to bookmark this site so you can come back for more tutorials to learn how to generate traffic and start earning passive income!

How About A Freebie?

As a new Bluehost customer you’re going to automatically get some advertising credits with both:

  • Google – $100 credit
  • Bing – $100 credit

These credits are available on your hosting dashboard. Please start building content on your new site, and learn how to monetize your website, before you start sending traffic using these free credits.

Thanks again!

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