Throw away your iPhone 6s ? Robot phone is coming… (video included)

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It might be the oddest phone ever made – an eight inch tall robot that can dance along to your music, project movies out of its head.

Called Robohon, the firm says it can even identify people using a camera in its head.

Measuring eight inches tall, it has a two inch touch screen on its back and built in speakers and speech recognition.

Designed by renowned creator Tomotaka Takahashi. RoBoHoN is an eight-inch-high robot with a 2-inch screen on the back and a camera and projector built into its face.

It walks, talks, dances, and connects to LTE and 4G phone networks.

It is even capable of identifying people by their face or voice, and will act accordingly, telling them they have a new message or to smile for the camera.

The firm showed off the machine at the CEATEC show in Japan, and said it will go on sale this year – but did not release a price.

Sharp has developed a mobile robot phone ‘RoBoHoN (Robohon)’, which can easily carry a small, then launched in the first half of 2016.

Created by designer Tomotaka Takahashi, Sharp says the device is ‘the next generation of mobile information communication terminal’.

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It says the robot can be carried in a bag or pocket.

To make calls, owners just lift it up and talk into the robot’s front.

A two inch touchscreen on its back allows them to navigate through menus.

Sharp also boasts is has advanced speech recognition so users can simply talk to it.



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