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Is Your Wifi Keeps on Disconnecting? Fix it Right Now

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Wifi connectivity problems are much common among internet users and many times it happens that when we try connecting to some wireless network then the Wifi keeps on disconnecting frequently. If you are one of those guys facing this Wifi connectivity problem, then this article will help you out to find some quick solutions of this issue.  Here in this article I will be sharing some tips to solve Wifi connectivity issues on laptop as well as on smartphones.

Quick Solutions for Wifi Disconnecting Problems

Sometimes when we try to reach out any wireless network, the Wifi keeps on disconnecting and reconnecting. I have also faced similar type of issue many times on my Windows 8 laptop as well as on my Android phone. Below are the two main reasons that can cause this problem.

When you check mark the option “Connect Automatically” while first time connecting to a Wifi network then obviously it will try to auto connect each time that network will be in range. The problem usually comes when we try to connect to some previously saved wireless network whose password is recently changed.

If the Wifi router is at far distance from your device then it may cause limited connectivity. So it’s always preferred to keep your device nearer to the router in order to avoid Wi-Fi disconnecting and reconnecting issues.

Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem on Windows

Follow the steps mentioned below in order to fix this problem in Windows 7/8.

  1. Open network and sharing center from the control panel.
  2. From the left panel, click on Manage Wireless network.
  3. Find the network that is causing issues.
  4. Right click on the selected network and select Remove Network.
  5. Try connecting again to the same network with the new Security key.

Fix Wifi Connectivity Problem on Android

You might have faced the same problem on android phones.  If wireless network has a different security key as compared to the one saved on your device then it will cause connectivity problem. Follow the steps below to solve this issue.

  1. Turn on Wifi on your mobile.
  2. Open the Wifi settings to view list of all available networks.
  3. Tap and hold on the network to which you are going to connect.
  4. Select the option Forget Network.
  5. Search for the available Wifi networks
  6. Reconnect to that network.

You can follow the same steps to solve this problem on iOS, Windows 8 and blackberry devices. If the above solutions doesn’t work for you then try restarting your Wifi router and updating network name.

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