The New Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo Debuts… And It’s AMAZING! (video included)

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The Frankfurt Auto Show has seen some pretty amazing cars unveiled in its time. It seems like almost every year there’s a new car being shown off to rapturous applause. But few have ever been as highly anticipated as this. The brand new Bugatti. It’s not a new Veyron, though. It’s something even more exciting than that… It’s the Gran Turismo model. In real life!


That’s right, the Bugatti Vision which dominated the track in the hit computer video game has been turned into a concept car. A real one that actually drives. And. It. Looks.AWESOME!


The concept shows us what the successor to the legendary Veyron could look like. Picture it without all the racetrack-specific appendages – from the proliferate winglets to the various decals – and this could be what the hypercar tipped to be called Chiron will look like. And it looks a lot meaner than the rounded-off Veyron ever did.




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