Touching Thai Mother’s Day Ad Shows Strength Of Female Taxi Driver

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Touching Mothers Day ad shows strength of female taxi driver

Thai Mother’s Day ad showcases the strength of women through the day in the life of a female taxi driver.

Powerful video shows the lengths a Thai mother working as a taxi driver goes to – including cutting off her hair to pretend she’s a man – so she can provide for her son Video released for Tesco Lotus in Thailand shows the strength of women The ad was released in time for Mother’s Day in Thailand The video shows a female taxi driver facing hardships to support her son She handles rude customers and is bashed and robbed on the job

A heart-wrenching video has been released that highlights how a mother’s love has no boundaries.

The emotional advert tells the story of a mother who cut off her hair and stopped wearing make-up to land a job as a taxi driver so that she can provide for her son.

In her role as a cabbie she faces extreme hardships, but the video aims to show the true strength of women by never giving up for the sake of her son’s future.



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