5 little tricks you probably didn’t know your Android smartphone could pull off

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Running out of little tricks to pull off on Android is about as likely as finding beer on Mars, which makes Google’s operating system all that special and awesome! Android users can learn something new everyday! We’re always on the lookout for cool stuff that can be done using an Android device and some spare time.

Today, we’re bringing you five random tips and tricks that can make the time spent with an Android phone in hand all that better. If you don’t know how already, then we’ll key you in on how to banish unwanted contacts to the voicemail zone, soft-reject calls, make use of the Android dictionary, stop Chrome from hogging bandwidth and memory, and let everyone know who your phone belongs to. Tune in, it will be fun!

  1. Banish someone straight to voice mail

People that you’re not keen on talking to for whatever reasons do play a part in everyone’s life. This doesn’t mean they have to be hard to filter out of your phone! Simply open the subject’s contact card and look for the option “All calls to voicemail”. Any inbound calls made from the unwanted person will be shut down and pointed to your voice mail. Bazinga!


  1. Silence calls with soft rejections

If you are busy or at some occasion that simply won’t allow for answering calls, Android gives you the option to send a quick text message letting your contact now that you will call back when you are free. To make use of that clever feature, go to your Messages app, enter the ‘Settings’ menu, and look around for the ‘Quick responses’ or ‘Message Templates’ function. There are some pre-made ones and you can roll your own! Next time you’re called up, simply use the canned responses in whatever way your device maker envisioned it. On some Android phones, it merely takes a single swipe!


  1. Add your favorite words to the dictionary

If you and your friends love inventing new words for amusement, then you must have noticed that your smartphone sometimes struggles to keep up with your original linguistics. In this case, you have to use the Android dictionary! By going to the Settings > Languages and input > Dictionary menu, you can add it to your personal dictionary and have your phone recognize it and show it in the list of suggestions. This way, your phone will have an easier time handling your broad vocabulary!


4. Stop bandwidth-consuming page pre-loads

Chrome for Android, which is among the most popular browsers (if not THE most popular) on the platform, has the habit of pre-loading all page content inside the multiple tabs you may have opened. This can consume a lot of RAM memory and bandwidth, so if you have a slower device or your monthly Internet allowance is nearing its end, you’ll be better off instructing Chrome to preload pages only if it’s on a Wi-Fi network.

To do this, go inside the browser’s ‘Settings’ menu, hit ‘Privacy’ and tap the ‘Prefetch page resources’ option. Set it to ‘Only on Wi-Fi’ and you’re good to go.


5. Make your phone tell who’s boss

Personal as they are, sometimes identifying random smartphones that someone forgot at a bar table somewhere can be a difficult process. Just in case, why not ease a potential good fellow who’s willing to return your device after you forget it by displaying your name and phone number on its display, front and center?

To do just that, pick up your phone and go to Settings > Security > Owner info. Flip the switch on the “Show owner info on lock screen” option and you’re good to go.

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