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10 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog

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Many people don’t even know that they can cash in their writing talent. You can actually make enough money from your blog to make it your main source of income – you just need to know the right way to do it. Many people start writing their blogs and quit too quickly because they don’t start earning money from it immediately. Well, nothing happens overnight, and you simply need to be patient and persistent if you want to succeed in anything, not just blogging. Making a blog (or any kind of website for that matter) that will make money takes time, but if you plan everything out properly, you are ready to put in the hard work and you’re moving in the right direction, success will happen a lot faster.

This article will show you different ways of making money with your blog. Not every method will work perfectly for you, but if you are willing to try a different one and accept small downfalls as a mistake to learn on and an opportunity to grow, you’ll start making money soon. Here are the ways to earn money from your blog.

  1. Cost Per Mile advertising


Cost Per Mile advertising (CPM) basically means cost per thousand, which further means that you get paid for one thousand impressions on your webpage. If you are trying to earn money with this type of advertising, you should know that you earn money according to the number of page views you get, and for every 1000 page views, a certain amount of money is transferred to you. The amount of money you’ll be getting depends on your agreement with the advertiser. If you, for instance, charge $2 CPM, it means that an advertiser has to pay $2 for every 1,000 views of their ad, which maybe doesn’t sound like a lot, but think of it that way- one advertiser pays $2 per 1,000 views of the ad. If you want your blog to be successful, you’ll aim at having several thousand views of your blog per week. Also, you’ll probably have numerous different ads on your page, which will quickly lead to money adding up on your account.


Many publishers like this type of advertising the most because they get paid for simply placing ads on their website and generating lots of traffic.


  1. Pay Per Click advertising


The name of this type of advertising is quite self-explanatory – you get paid for each time someone clicks on these ads while on your website. These ads usually have something to do with the content on your website. To start dealing with this type of advertising, you can sign up to a provider that will give you a code to be placed on your blog or website, and from then on that provider will be sending ads to your site. There are numerous providers of this service, but Google AdSense is the most commonly used and probably the most reliable one.


How much you can profit from Pay Per Click (PPC) ads depends on the traffic on your website and the number of people who will actually click on the ads. If you have lots of traffic, you can make a significant profit, but if the number of people who visit your blog is small, you probably won’t benefit much from PPC.


To increase the click-through rate (CTR) of your visitors, place these kinds of ads where they are most likely to be clicked on at the beginning or the end of an article, or some other place where they will be visible.

  1. Advertising space


You can earn money from your blog by selling (or more precisely – renting) some space on your page where advertisers will post their banners. Doing this means not having to deal with ‘the middle man’ and getting paid more than you usually would, as you can set your own price and advertisers can agree with the amount of money they’re supposed to pay, or negotiate the terms. This type of advertising can bring you lots of money if you have lots of traffic (because if you don’t you won’t attract any advertisers).


You can make such a deal by agreeing on a fixed price with the advertisers and ‘renting’ space on your website for a certain (agreed on) amount of time. This way of making money can be a little more lucrative than the previously mentioned methods, but it also requires more of your time (in order to manage the entire process).


For you and your advertisers to make money this way, the content of their ads needs to be useful to your readers. Moreover, to keep your clients (read: advertisers) happy, you should maintain good communication with them constantly and always let them know of any changes to your site.


  1. Audio advertising


Audio ads may be tedious for your readers, but if your blog has quality content these ads won’t be a problem for them. Many people don’t even consider this type of advertising, but you should know that Pay per Play, or audio adverts can bring you around $5 per visit, which is much more than you can get through any other type of advertising services. These ads usually don’t last more than a few seconds, but the viewer can’t stop it unless they leave your site. This may turn some of your visitors off or make them less likely to want to return to your site, but again, if your content is really engaging and you have a lot to offer – they will overlook these boring ads.


Another way to use audio advertising is through Podcast ads. If you maybe make frequent audio updates to tell your readers what is new on your site and what changes you’re making, and make room for some commercials in between your thoughts, it may seem like a less intrusive way of advertising and unless you overdo it with the number of ads, you won’t turn off your readers.


  1. In-text ads


Being a blogger or publishing content for any other kind of website, you shouldn’t limit yourself to earning money through only one type of advertising. As In-text ads use Javascript, they won’t harm your SEO. However, they probably bring you much money either (and that’s why it’s good to use different advertising methods). To feature in-text ads on your website, you can sign up to an In-text advertising provider who will then post sponsored links within your text.


These links will be underlined twice and it will be clear for your readers that those are advertisements and not content on your site. Each time a user moves the mouse over the underlined link, a small non-intrusive pop-up will appear, and your readers will have the option to click on it and see what the advertisers are offering, or click on the X on a corner of the pop-up and continue reading your text. For every time one of your readers clicks on those ads, you will be paid a small amount of money. If you have many of those ads, they could bring you a decent amount of money, but make sure you don’t overload your page with them, as it may put your readers off.

  1. Text Link ads


Text Link ads are actually texts on your blog that contain hyperlinks to another page or site. In order to avoid a drop in Google search rankings or being eliminated from Google search results, you should only use text link ads which are connected to the content of your site and relevant. Popular text link advertizing programs which offer such contextually relevant text link advertizing opportunities include Google AdSense, and several others.


This can be beneficial for you if you are writing about a certain topic and you post a text link ad within your post that will lead your readers (only if they choose to click on the link) to a page that has to do with your topic. For instance, if you’re writing about cosmetic products, and you put a hyperlink that will lead your readers to that particular product, you will get paid for each time someone clicks on the link (or the advertisers could pay you a fixed fee simply for publishing the link on your blog). However, in order to get paid, you need to make a deal with the publishers of the pages you put in your hyperlinks (basically sign up to that product affiliate advertising scheme).


  1. Affiliate Marketing


This method of advertising can be a great way to make money from your blog, if you do things the right way. For instance, if you have a blog in which you write about cosmetic products or makeup, you could find affiliate programs that contain products that you’re writing about. You could, for example, write a blog post about ways to do your makeup in order to look fresh and rested in the morning, and then promote the products people can use for that purpose. If you don’t have lots of traffic on your blog, this isn’t a lucrative business, but if you do, you could earn quite a large amount of money by participating in affiliate marketing. Engaging in this type of advertising, you will get commission every time someone who was referred by you buys a product you’ve been promoting. You can refer your readers by recommending certain products as well as by posting text link ads, banner ads, or any other kind of advertisement which will take your readers to the product page. The commission you’ll get from this will depend on the product.

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  1. Product reviews


Writing product reviews can actually bring you a lot of money if you do it right and your blog (or website) has lots of traffic. Through this method of earning money with your blog, you’re actually doing something that is somewhat the same as Affiliate Marketing, but of course- less subtle. You can write reviews about certain products and publish them on your blog. Of course, it doesn’t make sense to post reviews about gardening tools if your blog is about food and diet. So, make sure that the products you’re writing reviews for have contextual connection to what your site is about. The other way to do this is to build a website around product reviews, i.e. create a website solely for that purpose, and then you could write about numerous topics and do all sorts of product reviews. If the products you’re reviewing have an affiliate program, what you’re doing can be pretty lucrative.

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  1. Write tutorials


Almost everyone turns to internet for information, and tutorials are very popular as they help you do something by explaining everything step by step. You’re currently looking for instructions and explanations on how to make money from your blog (see the point). Writing tutorials and guides (but only if they are useful and engaging) can bring lots of traffic to your website or blog. This won’t directly put money into your pocket, but it will make your blog more appealing to advertisers and you;ll be earning better commissions.


Also, you could write lengthy tutorials of which a certain part would be free to read, but in order to read the whole text, your readers (or, in this case, customers) will have to pay a small fee. This may put many readers off, but some will definitely pay for valuable information.


  1. Host a webinar on your blog


People will attend your webinars if you’re a specialist in a certain area and what you say is valuable and interesting. You can make money from your webinars by charging each participant for a virtual place on your web seminar. During your webinar, you’re basically presenting some topic and your audience can interact with you and other members of the audience. You can use PowerPoint presentations, as well as anything that can be used at a real seminar or conference, or you can simply sit behind your lap top and present the topic using a web cam and a microphone. At the end of the Webinar, each viewer has the chance to ask you a question.


On the other hand, you could host webinars without charging anything, and use them to promote your website and drive traffic to it, which will be useful for gathering fees and commissions from your advertisers.

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