12 Hilarious Fails: Hot Girls Caught Doing Dumb Stuff

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Hot girls do dumb stuff sometimes. And when you think about it, what is more entertaining than that? We all do dumb stuff but it is far more amusing when someone else does it. And if that someone else is a hot girl, it can hardly get any better! The good thing is- hot girls love to take photos of themselves. Usually, they will do something stupid just to catch the perfect moment. However, instead of catching the perfect selfie lighting, they will catch themselves doing something incredibly dumb. But don’t worry, we are here to sort those moments! We present you 15 hot girls who do inexplicably dumb stuff!


1. Remember when we mentioned perfect lighting? Well, many girls find their bathroom suitable for their photos because of that lighting. Or it’s something that Kim Kardashian told them. Anyway, the problem is- when you want to take a selfie in your bathroom, and you don’t plan to include anyone else in that photo, just take a quick look around you before you actually take a photo, or else you will fail like this girl.


2. It’s too late, guys, his childhood is ruined. Or not. Time will tell anyway. So you made a deal with your brother to shut up about your party in front of your parents. In return, he would stay home and he will behave. There is only one problem though- you forgot to tell your friends not to take photos with him like he is 50 Cent. Also, maybe it would be best to burn this photo before mom and dad see it.


3. Oh yes, I am reading. I am reading as if this was the most interesting book ever. Look how interested I am. You would be surprised to know that this book actually has just a few pictures. It’s all text, I swear. Did you get my boobs? Good. Also, I will chew this pen because I saw in the movies that that’s what you do when you are concentrated. Yep, nothing like a book to make you look sharp. Just try a bit harder next time. Oh and by the way it’s upside down.


4. Boys will be boys, right? But how did she think this would be a good idea? It’s pretty obvious why guys think Hooters is great. However, boys should be little boys for a little longer, before they start going out to Hooters. So it is not really surprising that this boy is so happy with his view. He probably remembered this day as the best day in his childhood. Also, the day he came so close to a girl’s breasts.


5. What we have here is a bunch of pretty, drunk girls (also, they are all pretty drunk), in a hot tub that seems that has no water at all. But that is not the weirdest part here. Not only do they all got into this smallest hot tub ever, but they also kind of forgot about their friend who probably wasn’t sure if the scene before his eyes is real. We all know about Don’t drink and drive, but Don’t drink and take dumb selfies is also a good advice.


6. Also, where would all hot girls be without Photoshop? This is probably one of the chapters from Kim K’s book on selfies. Well, now we know that this cute girl didn’t read it at all! You can’t just pump your breasts like that. If you make them too big, you will make them blurry. If you make your boobs blurry, why did you Photoshop your boobs in the first place? It’s all very complicated, but once you learn how to use Photoshop, it will all make sense.


7. Oops! This was supposed to be a cute photo of a beautiful girl, but she forgot to prepare her set for the photo shoot. You see, our friend here obviously forgot to hide her vibrator from the desk. We presume she forgot about it, because if she didn’t, why is she posing with a teddy bear? It’s all just too confusing. We definitely think she should learn a bit more about Cute Photo Essentials before she decides to actually take some photos of herself


8. Do you know that feeling when you go to the bathroom with your baby and your butt looks so good you have to take photo of it? Yeah, we know you know, it’s a pretty common feeling. We are just not sure if she planned this right. One thing is for sure, her butt really looks good. However, even though the only thing she can see is her butt, the rest of us actually see everything in this bathroom. Oh, and you should change that toilet paper roll.


9. It seems like hot girls really love to take photos with a vibrator SOMEWHERE in the photo. This girl here was obviously looking for some new models on the internet when she thought: I haven’t took a selfie for an hour and a half! And she grabbed her cellphone as quickly as she could, her hands were still shaking and she finally took that photo. However, she forgot to close her tabs and now we all know her search history.


10. One of the dumbest things a hot girl can do to herself is to decide to have a very bad tattoo. However, there is one, even worse thing than this decision and that is to put in under your arm. Not only that this area is very sensitive and she should know it because hey, she is a woman, but she also decided to have a tattoo of a crying baby who is stuck inside a shark’s mouth. It’s a very dumb decision made by a hot girl.


11. We get it, big breasts can be heavy sometimes. Even though the most guys love big boobs, girls always try to push them up so they look like gravity ain’t got nothing on them. However, if a push up bra doesn’t do wonders for you, you should just let them live, you know? Let them hang there, who cares? It will definitely be better than Photoshopping them so you look as if a half of your body came from a cartoon.


12. Hey, hot girl, you obviously don’t know anything about nature, so move before this cow shows you how nervous you make her feel. You see, sometimes girls from the city think they know a lot about nature. And sometimes, they think it is a good idea to impersonate a cow while she is standing in front of you. Would you like it if another girl did it to you? We don’t think so. So why are you making this cow angry then?

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