10 World’s Most Peaceful Countries

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The world has been turning into a dangerous place every year since 2008, according to the Global Peace Index (GPI). A lot of countries unfortunately become victims of terrorist activities and external conflicts among the countries. In spite of all this, there are also many peaceful countries in the world. Though these countries may not be perfect, they are guaranteed safe and beautiful places to live in. According to the Global Peace Index, here are ten most peaceful countries in the world. Is yours on the list? Find out.

1. Iceland


2. Denmark


Denmark is the second safest country ranked by the GPI. The country is known to stay away from any kind of conflict and concentrates more on improving their economy. Their success and well-being is well explained by their progressive reforms and the clever government policy. Their main priorities include health care, social support and responsibility, equality, etc. Denmark is a country filled with educated and tolerant people. They’re extremely helpful, supportive and positive. The Danish lifestyle surely amazes any visitor.

3. Austria


Austria has stayed away from conflicts since the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed and the World War II ended. The country then developed a flexible policy and strict neutrality. The country is now highly valued as an advantageous business partner & travel destination. The high standard of living of the people in the country, it is very innovative for the economy. The attention Austria gives to education and healthcare makes it the most respected country in Europe. No wonder why Vienna (capital of Austria) was ranked as the most livable city in the world.

4. New Zealand

new zealand

Every year, New Zealand gets listed as the world’s safest and the most peaceful country because of their low crime rates and other factors. The country has a proper military stability, is politically stable and has respect for human rights and freedoms. The citizens of the country are tolerant enough and are welcoming to the newcomers and minorities. The country’s standard of living is similar to those of the major western countries. New Zealand also maintains a strong economic and political relation with Australia. The country also became a nuclear free zone in the year 1987 and now supports anti-nuclear movement. The country’s scenic beauty, high standards of living and the friendly crowd makes the country an inviting destination for tourists. New Zealand is definitely a country for those who want to experience a laid back lifestyle and meet uncommon people.

5. Switzerland


Switzerland is famous for its fabulous skiing resorts and is another most peaceful country on the list and also according to the Global Peace Index. Switzerland gives you the thought of royalty and high standards when you usually think about the country. However, the country has more than that to be valued for. Switzerland pays a close attention to their economy and the people. The citizens are given great health services, education and employment assistance. The people there are known for their tolerance and multiculturalism; people of varied languages, outlooks and mindsets stay peacefully within one country.

6. Finland


Finland is also among the world’s most peaceful countries due to the calm and content nature of the Finnish people. However, the country’s military troops are involved in peacekeeping campaigns and operations in countries like Pakistan and the middle-east. Finland invests in healthcare and education greatly which is the reason for their higher standard of living and life expectancy and literacy level. The Finnish education system is deservingly incredible and is highly respected among other nations. The country has low levels of crime and corruption, gender discrimination and class distribution. The citizens here are highly content with their lives and lifestyle and have an more optimistic outlook compared to other nations.

7. Canada


Canada has citizens with a high standard of living according to the Global Peace Index. Due to its ever growing economy, plenty of work benefits and cultural diversity, Canada became home to plenty of migrants. In the year 1971, Canada officially became a multicultural country where people belonging to different cultures enjoyed equal rights and freedom. This has banished discrimination and has given power to the level of tolerance and respect among the people. If you move to Canada, you’ll feel like you’re home. The newcomers in this country are provided with free workshops and classes to learn a language or for any services. A lot of people chose to migrate here for this reason.

8. Japan


The land of the rising sun is a fascinating region with awesome culture and people. It is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Japanese people are well known for their sweet nature, discipline and rich background. In Japan, people are more polite, mannered and friendly than any other place. They are also quite disciplined and organized and believe in being punctual. These traits have helped them build a progressive empire and developed country with powerful technology and they also have the world’s strongest economy. The country also has attractive tourist places that let you admire its breathtaking views, and ancient temples as well as historic sites that you can visit.

9. Belgium


Belgium is a small country but it is one of the best and the most peaceful countries in the world. The capital city of Belgium has become the center of world politics since the Second World War ended. The country also hosts NATO headquarters and is the capital of the European Union. The people in the country are provided with an elevated standard of living, high class education and health care along with additional facilities. Belgium has some quality architecture, artworks and historical places that it makes a perfect spot for people who dig history. Also, whenever you visit Belgium, never miss the opportunity to try the food and beverages here.

10. Norway


According to the Global Peace Index, Norway is one of the friendliest countries in the world apart from being peaceful. Just like all Scandinavian countries, Norway has low imprisonment and crime rates. The country wisely invested in oil production and has thus managed to generate a great economy out of it over the last century. No wonder why Norway is also one of the richest and one of the most expensive countries in the world. Due to the high standards of living and high social welfare, the country is a safe and comfortable place to reside. It is one of those countries worth visiting.

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