Weirdest Wedding Themes

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eddings are fun, but they are always kind of same. Bride arrives in a fluffy wedding dress she spent a fortune on. Groom comes in a tuxedo that looks like any other tuxedo. Bridesmaids look funny. And then they say: I do. But there are some weddings that don’t look like this, at all. They are not “commercial” at all, and nobody talks about them because people think that people who make them are weirdos. And in some cases, they are right. Some people are just masters of weirdness, so you can expect from them to make a weird wedding. In case you don’t believe us, be prepared to feel awkward while looking at these wedding themes!


1. This is a classic, weird wedding theme. You wouldn’t believe how many people marry as Shrek and Fiona. And we get it, up to a certain point, at least. Princess Fiona and Shrek are one of the greatest couples ever. Their love is eternal, they stayed together through thick and thin… The only problem is- they are green! If you imagined your wedding as a Halloween party, then these costumes kind of make sense.


2. So these two are planning to stay together until death tears them apart. Or something. It’s obvious that these two love birds did everything to make their zombie as realistic as possibles. Best man is dead and bloody, and bride and groom are definitely past dead. They are so dead, they just had to get married. We hope they didn’t invite a real priest to the wedding because he probably wouldn’t react to well to this.


3. Gothic wedding, why not? If we had Halloween inspired and a zombie wedding, why skip a goth wedding? Because life is pain, man. Especially when you’re a grown up. There is just too much pain everywhere, so it’s a good thing we love it. Of course, being married is painful as well, and that’s why my lovely bride has a leash. On the plus side, she didn’t have to make her hair for 8 hours like other brides. Because hair is pain, man.


4. Who bought me the toaster when I specifically said I do not want any toasters!? This is not very bride-like. Instead of romantic glares and tacky first dances, this bride decided to show us what’s going to happen if something goes wrong. And if she is holding this, what is the groom doing? We hope he is not throwing bombs or threading anyone. Or maybe, this is one of those weddings where EVERYONE has a gun?

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